Hall of fame

Below please find comments from and accomplishments of some of our previous clients and photos of the experiences they had in their SeaSabre.

Great Pacific Race 2014 – California to Hawaii
4 – Team Uniting Nations – Winners of the Great Pacific Race (setting 4 new World Records)

Craig Hackett
Caspar Zaphar
Andre Kiers
Junho Choi

4 – Team NOMAN – 3rd place Great Pacific Race (Youngest team to row the route)

Nick Kempster
Jack Carter
Chris Blacketer
Mark Gleeson

1 – Elsa Hammond

NOMAN Barcelona to Ibiza race – Two identical 4 man ocean row boats.

Mark Hunter MBE
Pierre Lacaze
Andrew Toumazi
Douglas Love
Philip Shaw
Alex von Moll
Tristan Almada
Chris Wardrop
Dan Zelenzinski
Edward Knight

Barbara Ivy – 76 days as part of the Atlantic Rowing Race ’07 – Fastest British female pair

Rachel Smith
Lin Griesel

Atlantic 4 – Winners of the Atlantic Rowing Race ’05
David Martin
Neil Wightwick
Glynn Coupland
Dr George Simpson

All relative – 4 man ocean row boat – Fastest boat in the Atlantic Rowing Race ’05

Justin Adkin
Robert Adkin
Martin Ain
James Green

Queensgate – The first and still the fastest four man ocean rowing boat across the Atlantic E-W

Phil Langman
Shaun Barker
Yorkie Lomas
Jason Hart

If you have owned a SeaSabre boat in the past but aren’t yet on this page.  Please send us your details via email and we’ll happily add you to the SeaSabre Hall of Fame.

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