SeaSabre is the ideal place for you to have your own new ocean row boat built to your exact specifications or to have your existing ocean row boat fully refurbished.  Our team has the ability to build you a boat to your precise requirements and design or you can choose one of our more standard packages / hull shapes.  SeaSabre’s are built to last and we are proud to see many of our boats still competitive and completing ocean rows around the world many years after leaving our workshop.

You may be interested in some of our more standard boat packages. Click on the links below to learn more about our ready-to-row and ready-to-race packages.

  • O1 – Our standard and robust Ocean solo
  • O2 – Our Classic Ocean Pairs boat which has carried so many teams safely across the Ocean – Click here for more information on the O2
  • O4 – Our World Record Setting fours boat which holds the record for the fastest four to row the Atlantic East to West and the fastest four to row the Mid-Pacific Route from East to West – Click here for more information on the O4

Or you may want to have a bespoke one-off and utterly unique ocean row boat built just for you.  We can work with your ideas to come up with your dream boat.

We price up each SeaSabre ocean row boat individually depending on your exact requirements so contact us now with your design or ideas for a no-obligation quote.

We also sell ocean rowing rudders, can design and build other bespoke one-off items for your ocean row boat as well as refurbishing your used ocean row boat to get it fully ready for your ocean passage.

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