O2 – Ocean Pair

Our standard SeaSabre O2 Ocean Pairs boat uses the same tried and tested 7.3m (24ft hull) as the World Record Setting boats that we have built for crews racing in the Pacific, Atlantic or Around GB races and other independent ocean crossing attempts.

You have two options when ordering your SeaSabre O2

  • Ready-to-row
  • Ready-to-race.

Ready-to-row boats are ready to be displayed and used for promotional activity limited training sessions.  They come supplied with robust rowing seat, foot stretcher and foot steered rudder, mounted rowing pins with gates, 3 pairs of Xcell oars, all deck and bulkhead hatches.  Also supplied is a trailer with lightboard, so you can tow her away.

Ready-to-race boats are provided with everything that is included in the Ready-to-row package plus all the fixed boat equipment that is required for entry into the Great Pacific Race or the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.  We will work with you to ensure our package meets your needs and requirements.  The additional equipment included in the Ready-to-race package includes solar panels, solar panel charge controller, batteries, GPS with chart plotter, AIS, VHF, RTE, battery isolation switch, waterproof speakers, battery monitor, water maker, internal cabin lights, bilge pump, 12V charge points, satellite phone aerial, mounted diving knives, mattress and switch panel.

When you look at a SeaSabre O2 pairs boat you will probably think that something has been forgotten as the boat and cabin are so tidy and well organised.  This is because we carefully consider your requirements and then design a sleek and minimalist arrangement for all the systems to fit into.  This means the cabins look more open with minimal clutter, but trust us.  Our boat’s have everything you need.

Please get in touch for more information or a quote.

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