All our SeaSabre coastal boats use the same unique design elements which help to make our range of coastal rowing boats the fastest and easiest to row in all conditions.

Currently only the SeaSabreC1 (Single) is available but we expect to offer the C2 (Double) and C4 (Quad) in the near future.
Click here for more information on the C1

  • Wave piercing bow – The wave piercing bow pushes through the waves rather than being pushed over the top of them thus reducing pitching when rowing.
  • Large spraydeck– deflects waves to help keep you dry and minimize the water entering the boat.
  • Lower wetted area – By having a smaller surface area the water produces less resistance than a standard coastal boat, so you put in less effort to go the same speed.
  • FISA minimum weight – because of our unique design features and cutting edge technology we can build stiff, responsive and fast boats that are on the FISA minimum weight.
  • Self bailing stern – As you row any water inside the boat is pushed out through the stern.

SSC1 sideon

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