Why SeaSabre?

Quality     Experience     Passion

Although the design features of the SeaSabre range depend entirely on the type of boat there are more reasons why a SeaSabre is the right choice for you.

Quality – All SeaSabre’s are built to the highest levels of quality and thoroughly checked at all stages of the build process. All parts of a SeaSabre from the hull to any equipment installed is thoroughly checked before leaving the workshop. We’re even happy to accompany you on your first row in your new boat to make sure you’re confident and comfortable

Experience – Most members of the SeaSabre team have rowed an ocean or at least spent most of their time in and around boats for their whole lives. We have LOTS of experience of building boats and can talk you through the reasons why each boat is built the way it is. Our new boats have an enviable success record and even those used multiple times continue to delight their new owners. For those interested in our ocean range of boats. We know what it takes to row an ocean because we have, so we know what’s important, and what is not.

Passion – We love the sea and we love rowing. When we get to combine the two is when you get to see what we’re really passionate about. We love helping people achieve their dreams of rowing an ocean or winning coastal races and do all that we can to help you get the best out of your boat.


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