Ocean Rowing Rudder

Through the years many ocean rowing boats have had failures in their steering system with rudders snapping in half or with fixings breaking. Some boats have been able to overcome this by strapping oars to the stern or using panels of the boat to create a makeshift rudder, for others it has caused the crew to call a halt to their row. Often the problems are caused by the rudder not being correctly profiled, which, as it passes through the sea generates lots of friction, in turn breaking the pintles which hold it onto the boat. We don’t want this to be you!

Our rudders may look smaller but because of their profiled leading edge are much more efficient. This means that you don’t have to drag a large rudder through the water which should increase your overall speed. Our rudders are built strong with 3 layers of 300g Biaxial glass on each half (this is doubled up locally where the fittings are and then pumped full of 250g high density foam. This is all epoxied together and baked for 6 hours to achieve maximum strength. A handle is formed into the top of the rudder to enable easy handling and mounting.

Price £700
For more information or to order your rudder, please get in touch.


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