New Guinness World Record for SeaSabre O2 ocean row boat

We are thrilled to announce that Tom Rainey and Lawrence Walters from Team Ocean Valour using their SeaSabre O2 Ocean Row boat built here in Axminster have just broken the 24 hour distance record previously held by a team of 8 rowers.

Between 30th and 31st of May 2015 Team Ocean Valour covered a point to point distance of 112.52 nautical miles (129.49 miles / 208.38 km).  The Ocean Rowing Society who validate and adjudicate all Guinness World Records in the sport have confirmed that this is indeed a new Guinness World Record.


Previously, the fastest three (recorded) 24-hr longest distance records were:

  • Toby Wallace , Atlantic E-W 2014 – distance of 192.4km (103.88nm)
  • Artemis, Atlantic W-E 2010 – distance of 189.9 km (103 nm)
  • La Mondiale, Atlantic E-W 2008 – distance of 189 km (102 nm)

The current record holder “Toby Wallace” had eight rowers so it is a testament to the crew and boat that they were able to break this record by such a significant margin but with only two crew members.

We are thrilled that their SeaSabre boat Yves continues to exceed expectations keeping the crew safe as possible whilst also allowing them to set a new Guinness World Record.  It is equally as good to hear that this was not a one off exceptional distance as the next day the team covered an impressive 94 nautical miles.  We wish them all the best on their journey and look forwards to their arrival in Salcombe which will herald another World Record as the youngest team to complete the route.

Ocean Valour with Statue of Libery behind ©Ocean Valour

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