SeaSabre O4 wins Great Pacific Race and sets new World Record

In June 2014 the crew of Uniting Nations representing the UK, New Zealand, South Korea and the Netherlands set out with other crews at the start of the Great Pacific Race in their SeaSabre O4 “Danielle“.  The boat had previously won the NOMAN race across the Mediterranean with Olympic Gold Medallist Mark Hunter OBE on board and was reconditioned by SeaSabre before being shipped to Monterey, California.

The four man crew who had not met until one month before the start of the race took part in the race organisers “Pay-per-seat” scheme allowing individuals to come together to form a crew and have the boat, all equipment, boat logistics and race entry fee included for a fee.  This makes it one of the easiest and safest ways to row the Ocean as Race Director Chris Martin describes

Our new Pay-per-seat scheme allows individuals from all around the world to come together, form a crew and enjoy the incredible challenge of rowing an ocean in the easiest way possible.  Safety of crew members is our number one priority and we know that by using a well equipped SeaSabre O4 these crews are in the safest ocean row boat available.  SeaSabre has an enviable record of producing not just safe but also fast ocean row boats that outperform their rivals at every occasion.

Team Uniting Nations were no different and battled through the tough conditions faced by all crews at the start with relative ease.  They led the race the whole way and set a new world’s fastest time of 43 days 5 hours and 30 minutes for the route also taking honours as the first four man team ever to complete the course.

We congratulate Uniting Nations on their performance and can’t wait to see the next pay-per-seat crew take to the oars of “Danielle” for the Great Pacific Race 2016.

IMG_7772 ©Ellen Hoke Photography

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